Links is a web browser running in both graphics and text mode.


Links is (c) 1999-2002 Mikulas Patocka, (c) 2000-2002 Karel Kulhavy, Petr Kulhavy, Martin Pergel. Links is a free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify under the terms of the GNU general public license as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


Charles University sealAll four authors are graduates of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.


Mikuláš Patočka started writing Links (text mode those days) in 1999. In 2000 Marting Pergel, Petr Kulhavý and Karel Kulhavý joined the project to add graphics and Javascript capabilities into Links together with Mikuláš Patočka. The program has been written mainly as a hobby and also as a school project.
BohemiaMade in Bohemia.

Development Tools

The development is based on the following tools:
EditorVi IMproved
CompilerThe GNU Compiler Collection
DebuggerThe GNU Debugger
Version ManagerConcurrent Version System


Awite Bioenergie GbR has sponsored
  • Manual/automatic javascript action confirmation
  • Refresh
  • Non-agressive cache
  • Correct parse_http_date
PerMov^(TM) have sponsored
  • HTTP Authentication
Daniel Čižinský has sponsored
  • Search in bookmarks
  • Search in extensions
  • Search in associations


LynxUnicode2ascii replacement and entity name tables
Unai UribarriHistory
Uwe HermannManpage, Command line switch -version, Open link in new xterm
Sebastian ZagrodzkiShift-G opens dialog with pre-displayed current URL
Alexander MaiOS/2 xterm support, Fix includes for AIX, Updated manpage
Dakshinamurthy KarraWin NT port, Saving goto history
Peter GervaiManpage updates, Mailcap to links.cfg convertor
Arkadiusz MiskiewiczInternationalization (GNU gettext)
Oleg DeribasWindow title and clipboard support in OS/2
Felix von LeitnerSet file date/time when downloading
Arkadiusz SochalaPolish translation
Petr ČechAllow spaces at the beginning of url
Dmitry M. KlimovKOI8-R frames, Russian localization
Yurii RashkovskiiUpdated Russian localization
Lukasz Dobrek$CONFIG_DIR for config directory
beckersGerman translation
Armon RedIcelandic translation
M.K.SrikantSmall fix in forms
Cliff CunningtonUser's manual at
Wojtek Bojdo/lUpdated Polish localization
Jan BobrowskiSmall optimization in file listing
Serge WinitzkiUpadted Russian localization
Alex Antropoff'charset' attribute of META element
Aurimas MikalauskasLithuanian translation
Martin NorbackSwedish translation
Jimenez Martinez Angel LuisSpanish translation
David Mediavilla EzquibelaSpanish translation
Suveg GaborHungarian translation
Gianluca MontecchiItalian translation
Sergei BorushevskyNo-proxy-for, HTTP auth, Ctrl-W completion, SSL
Fabrice Haberer-ProustFrench translation
Cristiano GuadagninoUpdated Italian translation
Fabio Junior BenedittoBrazilian Portuguese translation
Martin KavalecFixed redundant ':' in host header
Peter WangRebindable keys, /etc/links.cfg
Mike SwietonFixed bug: Form is not posted when jumping to field by number
Kaloian DoganovBulgarian translation
Baris MetinTurkish translation
Dmitry PinchukovUkrainian translation
Taniel KirikalEstonian translation
zas at norz dot orgUpdated French translation
Oleg Belousov"Ignore charset info sent by server" is saved din config file
Nuno Miguel RodriguesUnixware console fix
Adam HarveyFixed sometimes badly posted form
Alberto GarcíaGalician translation
Radovan StasSlovak translation
Marco BodratoTwinterm support
Kaloian DoganovBulgarian translation update
Olexander KunytsaUkrainian translation update
Marius GedminasFixed reversed HOME/END on RXVT
Mediavilla DavidUpdated Spanish translation
Simos XenitellisGreek codepages & translation
Alejandros DiamandidisGreek codepages & translation
Anton VološinProper encoding of form entries
Michail LitvakPatch to force error if OpenSSL not found
Nalin DahyabhaiFixed occasional destroying of read buffer on Alpha
Andrew RodionoffFixed minor bug in kbd binding
Stefan de GrootDutch translation
CarlesCatalan translation
Ionel Mugurel CiobîcăRomanian translation
Petr BaudišUse "imgtitle" if there's no "alt", fix relative redirect on -dump and -source, add "LISTING" tag, fix stripping '?' out of form url, cookie expiration, manpage update, fixed one small leak when links goes out of memory
Jacek FedorynskiFixed segfault when posting large forms
Aldy HernandezMacOS address resolution fix
Muhamad FaizalIndonesian translation
Peter NaullsRiscOS support
Jonas FonsecaDanish translation
David O'Brien-force-html
Miroslav RudišinSlovak translation update
Denis LackovicCroatian translation
Varga BalázsUpdated Hungarian translation
Denis LackovicCroatian translation
Richard PeclUse threads on windows
Chris Lightfoot\xab parsing in strings in Javascript
Yevgeny GromovBelarussian translation
Koblinger EgmontUpdated Hungarian translation
Ludvik TesarURL to clipboard copying in X
StansonClipboard pasting into links (works from all applications)
Andre ValentePrtuguese translation
Sven NeumannDirectFB graphics driver
Mátyás JánosUpdated Hungarian translation
Anton 'Keeper' KopyovUpdated Russian translation
Karvinen IlkkaUpdate Finnish translation
Tamas GervaiLinks icons
Daniel BerlinCookies can contain whitespace (fixes bugzilla)
Thomas KlausnerSupport for 16-bit 565 RGB big endian
Fix for 24-bit RGB big endian
Strahinya RadichSerbian translation
Serbian Cyrillic letters
Andrei PaskevichImage view & download with 'i', '*' to change inlined image display
Wojciech PucharSunOS 4 portability fixes
Jakub Horký.rpm packages
Gürkan Sengün.deb packages

HTML written in VIM. Graphics made with GIMP. Powered with PNG. Send comments to