Because all the developpers of Links have successfully finished their college study, the development of Links loses it's incentive as a school work and moves into the area of free time, which is generally scarce. To reinsure a continuity in development with stable supply of development time, we decided to incite the users into sending financial contributions.

The contributors together with contributed amount will be published here, in order of decreasing amount. Costs of development of every compacted part of code will be assessed. As soon as enough contributions accumulate the code will be released (under GPL, of course).

We believe that such elimination of all mediating elements between user and developper (compared to the commercial model of proprietary software development) will allow reaching maximum possible development efficiency from the user's point of view.

How To Send Financial Contributions

Please send an e-mail to , where you will be informed about the most appropriate means of contribution delivery. Please include in your mail the details you would like to have in the sponsor list.

Sponsors of Development

NameAmount [CZK]AssignmentLinks
Dondor Ltd.$200
  • Workaround for Cygwin quirks
  • The ability to run Links without full Cygwin environment (only with DLLs)
  • Windows installer
  • Rebranding Links for the company
Alex Poylisher$65 Fast gamma correction
Arida Technology1100 Euro
  • 900 Euro Handling of keyboard events in javascript
  • 200 Euro <INVERT> tag
Awite Bioenergie GbR7500
  • Manual/automatic confirmation of javascript actions
  • Refresh
  • Non-agressive caching
  • Correct parse_http_date
Ed Rosten3100
  • 3000 Cut-copy-paste in graphics mode into clipboard
  • 100 -dump
Ed's Homepage
Vladimír Marek3000
  • 2900 -dump
  • 100 unassigned
Neuron's Homepage
Daniel Čižinský2200
  • Bookmark search
  • Extension search
  • Association search
Drahomíra 'Johanka' Doležalová1000HTTP authentizationJohanka's Homepage
PerM1000HTTP authentizationPerM's homepage
Paul Merrill$18.82

Code Parts Ready for Release

No part is ready at the moment

Released Parts of Code

-dump flag3000
Cut-copy-paste in graphics mode into clipboard3000
  • Manual/automatic javascript action confirmation
  • Refresh
  • Non-agressive caching
  • Correct parse_http_date
HTTP authentization2000
  • Bookmark search
  • Extension search
  • Association search

Bug reporting

If you find a bug in Links, please do the following:

Mailing list

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